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~Eye Liner~

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► Tips to Be Creative with Your Eyeliner :-

Some of the creative eyeliner application tips through which you can create magic in your looks:

1. To make your eyeliner application simple and easier, always use waterproof gel liners.
2. Be creative with your eyeliner application and try to experiment innovation by lining your eyes beyond the outer edge.
3. If you are scared to extend the line beyond outer edge, you can make a noticeable change by doing eyeliner application on ...your lower lashline. You can make this eyeliner application more prominent by applying kohl on the waterline to give your eyes a defined look.
4. For a formal look, your eye liner application should be thick on both the upper and lower eyelids. These eyeliner application tips work great especially for the people with bigger eyes.
5. People who have small eyes can create an impression of large, doe-like eyes with the help of these simple eyeliner application tips. All they need is to make their eyeliner application interesting by lining only the outer edges of both upper and lower of eyes. To get an open wide-eyed look, you can also apply the golden highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes following your eyeliner application.
6. You can get dramatic appearance by following these interesting eyeliner application tips. For a stand-out look, draw very thin lines on the upper and lower lids, but don’t join them at outer edges during eyeliner application.

Your innovative style of eyeliner application can also create a grunge look for you. All you need to do is to line only your lower lashline.

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