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~Roast Lamb Leg~

Celebrate Eid with this recipe
2 kg Leg of Lamb
2-3 tablespoon Salted butter
1 tblspn raw grated pawpaw or meat tenderizer (optional)
3-4 tablespoon Olive Oil
2 tablespoon Vegetable Oil
1 tsp chilies paste or less to your taste
1 tsp Garlic paste
1 tsp Ginger paste
2 Fresh grated tomatoes
2 tblspn tomato puree
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds or powder
1 juicy Lemon juice
Salt to taste as per your requirement
*For best flavour keep marination for 1 day in the freezer before basting*
1 ½ kg Potatoes Peeled and cut in half or quarters
1/2 teaspoon of Salt
3-4 Onions – cut into quarters

½ Kg Carrots diced
2-3 teaspoon Chilli infused Oil
1 tblsp Honey


2 Cup Basmati Rice
2 tablespoon Cumin Seeds
1 teaspoon Mustard Seeds
2 Inch Cinnamon Stick
2-4 Bay Leaves
4-6 Cloves
4-6 Black Pepper Corns
2-4 Star Anis
Salt to taste
2-3 tablespoon Oil
2-3 tablespoon Salted Butter
Water 4 cups


1.  Preheat oven to 150 degrees
2. Wash leg of lamb thoroughly
4. Place a few cuts on it – not deep
5. Add all the merination masala with your hand and press into the cuts
6. Pour vegetable oil on the tray which you will use to bake this meat.
8. Place the merinated leg on top and cover the tray with aluminium foil
9. Place in oven to bake on 180 degrees
10. Cook for approx 1 1/2 hr.
11. Half way of cooking this ~ baste with the oil/juices in the pan and turn over the meat
12. Once the meat is tender open the foil and baste to get a nice golden coat all over the leg – repeat process if you haven’t got that golden colour on the meat
13. Put potatoes in a pan with cold water and salt, bring to boil and lower the heat, simmer for 7-10minutes
14. Remove to a non stick roasting pan, top with a good helping of olive oil and mix so the potatoes are coated well.
15. Place in oven and roast for 45mins – 1hr turning occasionally
16. Peel and chop carrots in long sticks
17. Place in non-stick roasting pan, top with a good helping of olive oil and place in oven for 25-35minutes
18. Approx 5-10minutes before removing the carrots put a good gulp of fresh runny honey mixed.
19. Marinate onions with chilli infused olive oil and leave for 15-20minutes and then add to a non-stick roasting pan and cook for 15-20minutes.
20. Soak the rice for at least 1 hour in water
21. Add minimum 2 litres of water to a big pan and next add oil and all the dry spices.
22. Bring to boil and add the rice.
23. Once rice is
¾ cooked, drain water from rice in a colander
24. Place pan back on fire
25. Add half the butter and straight away put half the rice in
26. Next break the remainder butter into small pieces and palace on top of the rice and then add the next layer
27. Close lid and lower the heat to minimum
28. Steam for 10-15minutes
29. Remove lid and fluff before serving
30. Check on lamb – put a knife through the deepest part of the meat, if the juices will run clear it done – please cook to your personal preference, this is how I like it
31. Close the foil and let it stand in the oven for 5-7minutes
32. Arrange all items on a serving plate, top carrots and parsnips with sesame seeds

Options:  Add ~  Rosemary, orange slices or tandoori masala etc to meat when baking to get your different flavours.  Be creative.

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