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I had seen my mom~in law making very aromatic oud at home 
and am sharing her way of making Oud/Bukhoor

All ingredients:
Take  Sahal powder (SANDALWOOD POWDER OR CHUNKS) (by two cups)
Add 3/4 parts of the sugar powder
Add 3/4 parts of MISK powder 
Mix sahal misk and sugar powder well together on low heat till sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and add these remaining ingredients while still warm.  Your home will have and aroma to last few days when you add the scents now:   
Add AMBER three spoons each spoon mix all well together
Add attar/perfume 6 spoons (Attars should be good quality)
Add pure rose oil
Once all done, store in glass jar at room temperature for about 3 days.
After that you can put them in box or cover with aluminum foil and place in cool place. . Now you can burn it on the coal or electric mabkhora (oud burner).
They can be used after some time when all ingredients are filled each other and get a little dry.

I had to share this lovely blog as love bukhoor/oud by Khaleej.

Khaleejia said: Today we will enter local house to witness & share the secret of making bukhoor at home, but in the beginning, let’s remember the history of perfume and bukhoor in the Khaleej Arabic way.

History and types of the Bakhoor* (Incense) If the pearl diving was one of the most important aspects of life in the old time, and disappeared with the passage of days due to the development of the society, there is still some semblance of life at the time, yet exist in some homes, and there are still some families who are keen to hold on to them, such as Bakhoor* incense. The incense is still used so popular today in some homes its used daily and other burn incense only on special occasions. The interest in incense and the way to use it goes to the Muslims doctrine, it is saying that when Prophet Mohammad SAW, while entering the city, he was greeted with aromas of burning ladan &incense as an expression of joy & happiness by welcome.   Therefore, the use of the incense associated in people's minds with the remembrance of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

AL-OUD Usually Oud was imported from India, men were keen to apply perfume in the holidays and before going out to pray and while gatherings. Women used the kind of incense named Al-dkhoun. Most women were knowledgeable in the way of making All-Dkhoun and know well components and proportions of each one.  The home made paste composed of misk, amber, absorbent and after kneading it was formed in the shapes of tablets or balls. which were placed in a wicker  bags attached to dresses and the remain odor stayed for always, even after washing .But this did not prevent  women from burning incense at home every evening as well. Al-Bakhoor Bakhoor and smoke are considered as basic and necessary things in the Arabic houses. There are many kinds of them like Al-Hassat, Al Amber, Al-Misk and Al-Haboob. Dakhoon al Oud -  made by adding to powder of the oud tree misk , rose oil, mix of oil perfume, amber. Then all getting kneaded and small ball are shaped. They can be used after some time when all ingredients are filled each other and get a little dry. Then it is put on the coal to welcome the guest or for other occasions or reasons: Bakhoor for ill people. One of the most common habits to use bakhoor as cure for ill people and also against demons, envy and jealousy. It is known that rooms where medicine are used have specific smell, and than more ill people lay in the bed, than more it effects the smell of the room. So bakhoor is the best way to change this smell. Bakhoor for Weddings It is a must on the weddings. Not earlier than one hour before the wedding starts a bakhoor carrier starts going around the halls and guests smoking the atmosphere with bakhoor and splitting perfume.


  1. Salam!

    I was just wondering about how to make bukhoor mumassak using neutral wood chips. Would it be the same process as above?

  2. Hello Mouneimene, no u canot use normal weed as that will catch fire. You can only use the sandal wood for making this or other which i dont know. Thanx for visiting my site. God bless u.

  3. Ingredients are very expensive better but ready made


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