Tuesday, December 31, 2013

***Happy New Year to all***

As the year comes to an end I jot down my last day thoughts of this year 2013. Wishing all a very happy and blessed New Year 2014. We pray for Peace and tranquility on this earth.

Monday, December 30, 2013

*A New Beginning ~ 2014*

A new beginning ... to start A new Life. Okay I am back again with my blogging after a small while, which is packed full in my small brain :).  Again those who have survived 2013 emerges into this new year with the whole new phase infront of all of us!!

Why do we celebrate new year? 2014 - Is it just a number or does it signify something more? 
The Mayans predicted that the world will end in 2012 but yet here I am writing this post, and you reading it in end of 2013. So does this give me a reason to celebrate that I am not dead as prophesied? Or is it just one of the trends and mores of the society? I think not.

This new year is all about new beginnings, new relations, new thoughts and new memories if we want. Yes the year 2013 was good and brought its fair share of memories, and there's no denying that those memories will stay with us for the rest of our lives. However, the excitement of what lies ahead and how much happier the next year has the potential to be depends on our thinking.

And being surrounded by my lovely family and friends I care about, being happy for them, and seeing everyone happy is the meaning of happiness for me. New year is just another milestone that reminds us to forget the bad things that happened the previous year. It gives an opportunity to reflect back upon the things to be thankful for that you still have and may have in the future, and stop moaning about what didn't happen ... Because lets face it - That chapter is closed. Time to write a new one.

Happy New Year to all my blog fans and others around the globe.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

~*Merry Christmas to all *~

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Sparkles and baubles, fairies and elves,  tinsel and starlight and gifts on my shelves! 
I love my followers, they are the presents to my Christmas tree! The best time of the year for me is CHRISTMAS ~
I just love the festive atmosphere where ever you go there are fairy lights twinkling adorning the houses and streets and smilling at you:)
I stay in the country where throughout the year we have summer type season - so would always day dream to be in snow in christmas. Ahhh one day to have a cozy cottage in the wilderness and enjoy this bliss!!
I would love to see through my window the drizzle of snow like fairy dust. Covering every place with white fluffy blanket!
Cuddle in my bed near the window to have the best view always. 
The warmth of the twinkling of the lights on the christmas tree with 
gift splendour around it. 
Sit in front of the warm fireplace with my family and enjoy the 
hot chocolate with ginger cookies`bliss.
Sun peeping out on the horizon through the trees and 
giving a warm glow of fire on snow.
Hubby & children preparing for Christmas
What about the Jolly Rolly Santa Clause coming with the presents!!
Watching the sparrows nest & feed on my hanging feeder, with the tamed wildlife around snuggling near the warmth:)
Making happy snowmen with my family
Enjoying the Serenity of the white world around me.
For now will just have a cuppa in front of the cozy fireplace and go on dreaming... 
See ya folks and enjoy your white christmas
The list is unlimited and it will fill up the whole page but will leave 
with this few to do list when I get my dream fulfilled.... 
what a bliss it will be ahhhhhh!!!!!

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Say Alhamdullilah

Whatever happens is by the Will of Allah, whether it be good or bad. Sometimes we forget Allah when it comes to happy moments, but immediately turn to Him for the bad. We should always be thanking Allah (SWT) for His infinite blessings, even in the tough times. He still gives and gives and we don’t even ask. The mercy of our Lord is beyond.. Subhna’Allah. “Its better a calamity that turns you to Allah, than a blessing that makes you forget Allah”
Always say Alhamdulillah for everything….