Barley Lemon Honey water

Barley is commonly called as ‘Jau or Jav” in Indian language. Barley- a cereal that existed since our ancestor’s era. This miraculous grain is stacked with several health benefits, but we disregarded the prosperity of this god- send boon. The present era is so health and fitness conscious that gradually we are rising up to the fact-home remedies are better to prevent the ailments compared to chemical remedies. 
Have you really ever wondered about  how healthy barley is? Let’s savvy about the benefits of barley. It is richly filled with soluble and insoluble fibres that induces the reduction of triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Barley aids digestion by disposing harmful toxins and maintaining healthy bowel movements, probably the best tonic for gastric inflammations.
The beta-glucan fibre present in barley cuts the risk of Type-2 diabetes.
Selenium element present in barley preserves the elasticity of the skin giving us clean wrinkle free skin decelerating the signs of ageing.
The diuretic property of this grain keeps the urinary tract infection away. Barley is trusted remedy for kidney ailments. I can go on and on talking about the benefits of barley as they are just endless.
Drinking barley water induces the urinations releasing the toxins out of the body. It acts as a cooling agent, hence reduce the burning sensations of the stomach. During summers, the regular consumption of barley water brings down the heat content of the body. It is an excellent substitute for fizzy beverages. 
Barley water has a bland taste, so adding a dash of lemon and honey will not only enhance the taste but also provide health benefits of lemon and honey too. With so many advantages of barley, for me it is definitely the best drink this coming blessed month of Ramadan. So, next time when you think about coolers, I bet it has to be this 😉

100 gms, barley
1.5 litres, water
lemon juice as required
honey as required
Few mints leaves
1/2 tspn Gund (optional) Soak few hrs to dissolve.  It is good for bones.
Few ice cubes(optional)


Clean, and wash barley.  Soak overnight.  

In a vessel or a pan, bring the water to boil.

Once water starts to boil, add barley, simmer until water reduces to 1litre and turns milky. While boiling, remove the scum if any.  Finally add honey to taste.

Take it off the stove add the Gund water, mint leaves, lemon & honey to taste and allow it to cool completely  & sieve the water when cool.  Add few ice cubes if you want cold or leave in fridge to be  old and consume every night in Ramadan ~ stir, sip and enjoy.

☆Barley water can be prepared and kept in refrigerator not more than 2 days depends on climate.
☆You can re-use the strained barley pearls in soups, salads, porridge or curries

☆Adjust honey and lemon juice as per your preference
☆In normal day, you can stir and enjoy this barley water as much as you want

I have a routine of a thing, yes, of a thing, which I try to follow. Something extremely healthy, full of boons and boons and boons! Wanna to know, what is it?? It’s nothing but simple humble and healthiest one of the other drink that you can blindly choose to consume it on the routine basis (apart from Jaggery water to give change to taste) - This Ramadhan I will try making this healthy drinks and enjoy with my other half.  Please just take a glass of this mixture as you tend to urinate much with this water hence all the impurities are flushed out.  In Ramadan you don't want to get loose due to going to washroom all the time:)
Daily after making barley water, you are always left with boiled healthy pearls which I avoid discarding it as much as I can. Those boiled pearls can be turned into scores of healthy eats, it can be porridge, soups, savoury porridges, salads, kheer, veg&barley khichdi, Gugri (sweet dish)…anything! 
“2016, have been a blessed year for me. It has brought many beautiful moments and surprise to me, Alhumdulillah (“All the praises and thanks be to Allah SWT”)