Friday, May 24, 2013

~Lip Balms~

Clinique Launches Chubby Sticks With Eight New (and Permanent) Shades!

Super nourishing lip balm, loaded with mango and shea butters. Just what dry, delicate lips need to feel comfortably soft and smooth. Now in 16 natural looking lip tints in all, each with a subtle sheen.

You can also create your own shade by mixing and matching here

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Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

Darling this is for us:)



Say Alhamdullilah

Whatever happens is by the Will of Allah, whether it be good or bad. Sometimes we forget Allah when it comes to happy moments, but immediately turn to Him for the bad. We should always be thanking Allah (SWT) for His infinite blessings, even in the tough times. He still gives and gives and we don’t even ask. The mercy of our Lord is beyond.. Subhna’Allah. “Its better a calamity that turns you to Allah, than a blessing that makes you forget Allah”
Always say Alhamdulillah for everything….