Saturday, May 20, 2017

Welcome Ramadhan

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Penned by: Sakina S. Dossaji (Sakina's Poetry Petals) 20/5/2017 Tanga*

A much awaited month,
Is round the corner,
Shehre Ramadhan,✨
A month of Rehmat,
Magfirat, Itkun-Minan-Nar.

A shower of blessings,
In all sacredness,
Prayers heeded,
Duas for each other,💕
Forgiveness we seek.

Closest to Allah,
Nearest to Prophet's teachings,✨
Roza, Silat, Zakat, Namaz,
With faith, devotion and love,
We partake in.

The aroma of tea in iftar,
The proverbial khajoor,
Lazzat daar meal thereafter,
The preparation of namazi attire, 🌹
Rubbing sleepy eyes for sihori,
The beauty of fajr and Imam Zainul Abedin's a.s. dua.

The stretch of hours observing the fast,
But with such love for the Creator!💖
And of observing fast of all senses, too,
Planting buds of kindness in self,
To share, care and love one another.

The thrill of exchanging recipes,🍗
Pots and pans simmering,
Cut, sliced, chopped,
Blended, sauted, fried,
Iftari preparations since morning!A hot, steaming cup of uji,
Don't i just love it.

A night better than a thousand months,💚
Lailat ul Qadr, Maa Fatema ni raat,
Quran Majeed ascended from the heavens,
Quran recitations day and night.

I love the tantalising sweets and savouries sold by the vendors,🍢
Every mosque ringing with Azaan
Or extra night prayers,
The power of bihori duas,
May roses and peaches of good health shine in our cheeks,🌹
As we pray for spiritual fulfilment and answered prayers.
In thanda Saaya of Aqa Moula t.u.s. may we remain,
Ghanu Jeevo Moula,
Ghanu Jeevo..Ameen.🌹

I may have wronged you intentionally or unintentionally and for that i seek forgiveness from you.

With duas❤
*Penned by: Sakina S. Dossaji (Sakina's Poetry Petals) 20/5/2017 Tanga*


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