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Summertime is indeed a special time of the year where there is a natural healthy glow. The aim during this season is to look fresh and with no-makeup appearance. This gives a healthy and natural look with just a little bit of vibrant and bold colours.  Some organic makeups are really great.

Natural makeup is the perfect option for summer. Bronze powder, matte eyeshadow, creamy lipstick and pastels are representative for this hot period of the year. Summer makeup needs special attention because due to high temperatures we can transform an impeccable and beautiful look into a total disaster.

Lightening the makeup
Keep things as light as possible and as mentioned earlier, lock away your foundation. If you pimples, acne scars or freckles; simply use translucent tinted powder so that it can add some color to your skin.

Lips Makeup
After using lipstick, add a touch of lip-gloss, which actually gives a “cool” look. Or, you can use frosty lipsticks. You can even add a touch of your lip-gloss on the centre of the upper eyelids. These are some of the tricks to look cool.For colors in lipstick, choose from light pink and mauve, which are “icy” colors and look cool. It may be a good idea to stick to lip-gloss during the day. For the night, you should use brighter colors, as artificial light tends to drain color.

Eye makeup
Eye makeup is the most important part of your face. I would recommend a very soft and simple look for eyes. Avoid smudging your eyes with big layer of liner and kajol. Go for soft and shimmer eye shades. Use mascara along with an eye lash curler. If you simply cannot do without eyeliner, go for a very fine, thin line.

Others Tips
1). Don’t use lip liners in summer season.

2). To have fresh look in summer season, use light colors for makeup.

3). Use oil free moisturizer and very less foundation.

4). Wash your face with cold water before applying makeup or massage your face with ice.

5). Use branded products specially made for summer season.

6). Use light color lip gloss for lips makeup. Use loose powder with foundation to avoid oily skin in summer gatherings.


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