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~Arabian Oud~

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Perfume Review: Arabian Oud King Fahed

Oud-lovers, close your eyes or close this page. If you
read further, your emotional and financial health will
be in serious jeopardy. It is too late for me, a lovely
enabler opened for me the (very expensive)
world of Arabian Oud ...but save yourselves!

Now, those reckless enough to keep reading, Arabian
Oud, according to their own site, is "the largest
Arabian fragrance. So now you will feel better about
paying £1050 for 12ml of King Fahed, the scent that
makes you go into fantasy world.

I am not even going to talk about whether it is worth
that kind of money. It is so much out of my range that
it is not even funny. But it is gorgeous as I just had a
snif of it in Dubai and my senses ran wild. It is supposed
to be a masculine blend, and I would love to smell
it on somebody male, dark and handsome
(as in pix-coy) is my hubby reading this:).
Having said that, it is entirely wearable and
utterly delightful on female skin as well.
It starts with a strong oud note, spicy, sharp and medicinal.
Oud's loyal companion, rose, starts to blossom
almost immediately, adding sweetness and softness to the
former, and making the masculine note if not exactly feminine
then certainly androgynous.
The stunning duo becomes an even more compelling trio as
musk appears on the scene.
The Muscs Koublai Khan sort of musk, dirty-minded and
heavy-lidded. It makes the blend smell touchingly and
alluringly human. It is the scent of hot skin, of passionate touch, of... OK, where was I? What appeals to my dramatic Indian soul
in Arabian Ouds is that everything is taken to the extreme.
You thought that oud plus rose plus musk was lush and
sensual enough. Well, how about some patchouli for
good measure?
And that patchouli mixed with musk is ...like making love
in the mud (with someone dark and handsome, of course).
Enough said as I am going off my into my day dreams.
It is, however, possible to order the perfume online,
for £490-£1050, depending on the size and the fanciness of the bottle. I left the shop with an intention to get my hands on it someday. Not for the fact I
loved the smell - but I like perfumes that play hard to get.
A captivating fragrance is worth a thousand words; and a perfume is capable of telling
one's unique charm in a subtle way. Perhaps this is the reason why it has remained a favourite
of people century after century. In retrospect, the wearing of fragrance to please others has
been a common practice since ancient times.
Perfumes & essential oils of Arabian Oud.
The one with rectangular bottle in the middle is King Fahed Blend.


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