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If you love tea, come with me...


Everything you desire as an avid tea drinker you'll find here. I love tea, all types.
If you like tea, come along with me! I post tea and tea
related ideas. Through out the world people have enjoyed tea in different forms.
My favorite method is the brewed tea. Take a sip and enjoy!
My love for fancy Tea pots is enormous as love ogling at all the designs created.

The whistle of the kettle, the steam rising from the cup. The tinkling sound of the spoon against the side of the cup and then the first sip! A cuppa is the perfect way to start a day!

My throat hurts. Chai tea makes it better.
I can’t stop coughing. Chai tea makes it better.
I’m feeling sad. Chai tea makes it better.
I’m feeling lonely. Chai tea makes it better.
I’m feeling happy. Chai tea makes it better.
I miss my friends. Chai tea makes it better.
I’m cold. Chai tea makes it better.
I’m hot. A cold shower and then chai tea makes it better.
The list goes on…
Indian Chai:  For Indians anytime is Chai time.  The tea Varies in lots of different ways.  Strongly brewed, Masala Chai (spiced tea), Black (milkless) Chai, Cardamon Chai and the list goes on.  In India, you dont miss any part of not getting the brewed lovely Cha.  The serving cups are in different varieties from normal to very tiny (like coffee cups), small glasses, stainless steel to earthen cups. 

I know some of you have a special love for peppermint tea - and other things associated with Morocco (like the beautiful tea-cans and glasses) :-) They enjoy pouring tea from way high (don't try this at home).  So lets take a look at how we benefit from drinking this aromatic drink:
Mint leaves are rich in volatile oils, including menthol and menthone. Other beneficial constituents include tannin and bitter properties. This herb is also a source of B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. 

Cold Tea

This tea is excellent when it is hot hot hot season or you want to vary from the normal boring tea to this.. 
I tried it in Bangkok and am in love with it:
Make strong tea with idle milk in normal way.  When ready fill the tall clear glass with ice and pour the hot tea on ice and serve to drink with straw ~ Yummyyy.


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