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Sense of Smell

Sense of Smell ~ Essential Oils

The sense of smell plays a big part in aromatherapy and your surroundings. Not only do you get the benefit of a therapeutic massage when receiving an aromatherapy treatment, you get the wonderful effects of the essential oils. You can also infuse it on scent burners in your homes.  As you inhale these aromas your mind and emotions are influenced on a subtle level by the sense of smell.

To primitive men and women, the sense of smell was as important as it still is for many animals, only modern civilization has made us neglect its influence. The sense of smell is one of the earliest means by which we form a bond with the world. When we are born, the first thing we do it take a deep breath, inhaling the different smell in the air.

Essential oils can be used to affect our moods as well as our emotional responses. Think of when you smell a certain food. Depending on if you like it or not your mouth may start watering, your digestive juices may start to flow, it affects your whole body.

Certain smells can trigger memories from as far back as childhood. For me the smell of lavender and jasmine reminds me of my childhood days.

You can see how the use of essential oils is so effective to our whole body in relation to the sense of smell. When chosen correctly, an aromatherapy blend can make all the difference in your day. Get the diffusers and oils from "Adorn ~ Wear in Style". 
Unique selection of scented oil warmers to diffuse the exquisite scent of your favourite essential oil to Adorn in your office or home. Our oil warmers, candle use or electric not only spread the fragrance of your favourite scented oil but will also add a unique accent to your decor. Your can choose from candles oil warmers or electric oil warmer


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