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~*Lailatul Qadr*~

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We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power (Lailatul Qadr). And what will make you know what the Night of Power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand Months. Therein come down the angels and the Spirit (the angel Jibreel) by Allah's permission, on every errand. Peace.... until the appearance of dawn! Surah Al Qadr, Holy Qur'an

I am all excited with the most blessed night of all nights ~ Lailatul Qadr "The night of Power, the night that is better than 1000 months has arrived.  So valuable is this Night of Qadr that the Quran devotes a special surah to
it “Lailatul Qadr is better than a thousand months” [97:3]

All my preparations have been made with all my family clothes scented with Oud and Attar (the best one I have).  My new hijaab, Maselo (praying mat).  The most important all my praying books and my mental thoughts cleared and awaiting to do Ibada full night.

"She is clocked with mystery,
 Nobody can speak of her Identity,
But her Precence can be felt,
For there is a certain Calmness about her
This night is Blessed to our beloved
That makes the believer Melt
The night of Lailatul Qadr

My eyes breams with tears
For I know she is more precious than a 1000 months
My sorries errased along with my fears
As she delivers a Mercy that is more
Illuminating than thousand suns
The night of Lailatul Qadr
This Mercy is His Mercy
The One whom we call  AR-RAHMAN
The One who said ~ Peace it is until the
Emergence of Dawn (Quran 97:5).
The night of Lailatul Qadr

Where each good deed is
Rewarded in thousand Folds
Where from dusk to dawn
The Gates of His Mercy are open
For those who Seek
His Blessings and Forgiveness.
The night of Lailatul Qadr

When Ramadhan Leaves
It does so Gratefully and Gracefully
Never Once does it leave us Empty-Handed
Oh If only you could Conceive!
All Praises due to Al-Wali
The Friend who Gives
And Gives and Gives
The night of Lailatul Qadr

The night more bountiful than a 1000 months is upon us.....

The sparkling of Minarets and the glimmer and shine of twinkling stars,
Adds beauty to the sky,
A night better than a thousand months,
The night of Lailatul Qadr

Silvery and resplendent
Like a pearl in a shell
Lailatul Qadr Mubarak!
The night of Maa Fatema,
When Qurane Majeed descended from the Heavens,
A Priceless Gift to us,
Awake in Ibadat till fajr,
Beseeching Blessings in abundance,
Both young and the old,
Lailatul Qadr Mubarak!

The Masajids alive with Munajaats and Duas,
Men and women in beautiful libaas
Little children in silks and frills,
A unique sight to behold
Little Tasbeehs in their hands,
And candies in their bags
Lailatul Qadr Mubarak!

Pleading Maghfirat and Maafi,
Treasuring each and every moment of the Blessed Night,
By the Vasila of Maa Fatema tuz Zahra,
May all our wishes be fulfilled,
Lailatul Qadr Mubarak!

Let forgiveness transcend,
From every heart,
No matter how strong the pain or hurt,
And love our brethren with passionate will,
To form a bond of unity and togetherness,
It surely shall please Allah..
Lailatul Qadr Mubarak!

Our hearts full of Love for our Bawa Shafiq Burhanuddin Moula TUS and His Mansoos, Aaliqadar Moula Mufaddal Moula TUS.
Milad Mubarak Aali Qadr Moula TUS,

May Allah give them Sehat, Aafiyat, Umar Daraaz till Qayamat, Ameen!
Lailatul Qadr Mubarak!


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