Tuesday, June 12, 2012

~Morocco / Turkey Tea~

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In Morocco tea is very essential and is found every nooks and corners.  It is enjoyed throughout the day and night.  They love to pour their tea from high up and dont you try this at home :)
Tea in Morocco and Turkey is served in decorative small glasses from decorative or earthenware tea pots.  I love anything teapots and will now have to look in my attic for this set as it was gifted to me by my good friend.

Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe by me:
I boil the tea with the local tea available.
Add sugar to taste
When boiled add Mink leaves for few minutes
Sieve in lovely kettles and serve in the small glasses with a sprig of Mint leaf.

In Turkey men (and boys) can found snaking their way through the crowded streets of most any alley and boulevard in the city, all the while skillfully balancing a tray full of tea glasses topped off with scalding-hot liquid.


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