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Turn Your Favourite Fragrance into Scented Lotion

I really dig those sets that come with your perfume purchase. Shower gel, check! Scented lotion, check! Favourite scent, CHECK!

It’s a scent trifecta and all those items combined will ensure that your fave scent lasts a little longer throughout the day.

When you do run out of the shower set, simply purchase unscented lotion at your local drugstore and spray some of your perfume inside the bottle. Make sure you mix well and, VOILA, you’ve just made lotion from your favourite fragrance!

Another option is perfume oil. I find that they’re much easier to work with (The Body Shop’s Perfume Oils are FANTASTIC!). Simply drop some into your lotion and mix well.  Pamper yourself with different scents.
Simple, non?!

Fragrance Don’t: Spray Perfume on Clothes

I think we’ve all been guilty of this at one point in time. Simply put, spraying perfume on your clothes is quite pointless and wasteful. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t waste your perfume by spraying it on your clothes:
  • Fragrances are formulated for the human skin and not on clothing; it won’t break down on your clothes the way it should.
  • They will stain your clothes so please try to avoid spraying it on cotton, linen, etc.
  • You want the scent on you and not your clothes, right?
  • This is definitely not a good habit if you happen to be wearing a borrowed sweater, shirt, etc. Spraying it on someone else’s clothes is definitely not the way to go.
It makes so much sense to me now why my white school uniforms in high school kept getting yellowish stain marks around the neck and shoulder area. I used to love spraying perfume all over the neck area and shoulders. Gah! The things I should have known back then.


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