Sunday, January 20, 2013

~Favourite Movie~

Posted by M.S. at 7:27 AM
My favourite Movie to date...

I choose to jot down about one of the best movie to date I have seen - Lord of the Rings, written by JRRTolkien.

The book was very exciting and was eager to see how they would get away with this movie out in this rather special universe and the rather unique action with the many amazing respective characters, but must say that it was created excellent.
Now ... can I just look forward to the get its act together to make a movie of the book "Hobbit", which of course takes place before the movie trilogy they have produced. ... Well as I write this, the movie Hobbit is already released and I saw and could still not get enough of this excellent movie:)

My favorite character is clearly Gandalf and Sméagol (Gollum) and therefore I have choose to put pictures - of just them! Don't take me wrong as all the actors were excellently potrayed and matched all the characters!!

A little about JRRTolkien: (John Ronald Reuel Tolkien) He was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, the 3 January 1892 of English parents. When his father died, moved the rest of the family returned to England, where he 1911-1913 received his education in language studies at Exeter College, Oxford. He married Edith Bratt in 1916 and they had four children - three sons and a daughter. Tolkien worked constantly to develop its mythological stories and language and he was strongly inspired by ancient narrative traditions and themes and characters from the Norse, Celtic, Greek and oriental myths and legends etc. In 1937 appeared Hobbit, which was 'born' on a piece of paper one day when he was working to correct exam papers and he sat next to, to find out what a Hobbit was actually a size.

Publisher George Allen & Unwin was captivated by Tolkien's story about 'the halfling' and the universe Middle-earth and told him to make a sequel. It took Tolkien miss 20 years to complete the story of the brave Hobitters fate. In the years 1954-55 published trilogy Lord of the Rings, which has achieved cult status among millions of readers worldwide.
Tolkien died in 1973 and is buried with his wife Edith in Oxford. ...

It is just a little bit about my favorite author/movie ;-))

Hugs from M.S


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