Friday, December 19, 2014

Massacre in Peshawar Pakistan

Year 609: They threw stones, beat up, abused and even conspired to kill Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) and his followers when he introduced Islam to the people of Mecca. Impressed by the principles and values of the religion and especially the character and behavior of prophet (Practicing what he preached), when general public started accepting it, the same offenders also accepted Islam- A purely business decision because if they didn't, they would have been ostracized by the public leading their businesses to suffer and new avenue (read Islam) to make more money would not have tapped. Nevertheless, they took pride in calling themselves MUSLIMS.

Year 632: They chose to hold a meeting at another place first to decide who will be the successor of Prophet upon his death while he was supposed to be cremated within 6 hours. They still took pride in calling themselves MUSLIMS.

Year 661: They killed Imam Ali, the first Imam and the fourth Caliph, while he was offering morning namaz. They still took pride in calling themselves MUSLIMS.

Year 670: They poisoned Prophet's elder Grandson Hasan, so severely that he vomited out his internal organs in pieces. They still took pride in calling themselves MUSLIMS.

October 10, Year 680: They gang up in millions to kill Husain, Prophet's grandson, so dear to Prophet that he used to carry Husain on his shoulders along with Hasan. They forgot it and other such numerous incidents and sayings of prophet about how much he loved his daughter and her sons. They still had the audacity to take pride in calling themselves MUSLIMS.

Year 680 to 874: They killed each of the following 8 Imams. Hence NONE of the Imams died his natural death. Their allegiance to the true teachings of Islam, and practicing- preaching the same costed them their lives.

In short, Prophet and his family have been the biggest victims of terrorism that so called MUSLIMS brought upon them. And forget not, all these so-called muslims took pride in calling themselves MUSLIMS.

Year 874 till TODAY: They killed Lakhs of innocents in the name of expanding the religion, while what they actually have been doing is satisfying their own greed for more wealth and power, expanding their own empire. Discovery of oil and Rise of western capitalistic powers have added to the already complicated Greed network they belonged to and today its impossible to tell which one of them is bigger terrorist.

They go by different names depending on the period. Today They are still killing innocents in the name of religion, in ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. They teach that very thing that Islam came to wipe out from the world: Hatred and violence.

They still take pride in calling themselves MUSLIMS.

Beyond any doubt, they will rot in hell because "if they kill one innocent, they kill entire humanity" (Quran 5:32).

I support everyone who is against the massacre of Pakistan school children, i am in support with every person every media and every organisation of the world who will oppose this massacre!

But one thing I dont understand, some 4 months ago, 2000 kids , babies and innocent children were brutally killed in palestine by bombing from israeli army.

The media and every person who is yelling like a lion today, dont u consider palestine kids as humans?

If u have courage to stand against wrong, u must have stood that time too!  But all of u were deaf that time, now suddenly everyone starts to yell.

Killing of innocent ppl and children is wrong, when done by Taliban its wrong, and when done by government of Israel, that time its wrong too.

Have courage to speak against oppression and stop being a hypocrite!

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