Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Puris Purwalli

Posted by M.S. at 2:21 AM
Recipe Credit to Hamidaben Hassani:
Pix Credit:  Umme

Pur wali puri:
1 dabbi (condensed milk empty tin measurement) white flour
1 heaped tbsp margarine
Salt to taste
Mix and bind above with cold water. Rest dough for 10 mins.
Now roll the dough very thin.
Make paste of ghee or melted margarine with corn flour and little w/flour. Spread on the rolled dough and fold a tight roll. Cut into small pieces according to the size of puri.  Roll puri a bit thick and fry on slow flame.
* I don't put sooji or anything else*

Pix Credit Hamidaben


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