Friday, November 17, 2017

#Arbaeen 1439

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#Arbaeen experience by Rashida Nurbhai

With all your duas and best wishes - alhamdulillah, arbaeen KUN safar went well.

The walk & the experience of the ziyaarat performance amidst millions of zaereen - is a learning journey..a journey where we learn to appreciate every nemat..a journey where we learn to experience our inner peace..a journey where we experience the love of others, and overwhelming and humbling care from strangers..a journey where we experience devoted we watch others managing the little troubles of the journey with a smile on their face, our patience and tolerance become the key tool..a journey where all ibadullah, beyond all barriers, come's a journey where we learn, that we still have so much more to learn from others, and from within ourselves.

Inshallah, Khuda sagla ne panjatan paak ni ziyaarat naa saathe har nemat naseeb karjo, mubarak mohanna karjo - Ameen.
[11/14, 5:52 PM] Rashida Rajab Bulk: The ziyaarat of Moulana Ali, Imam Hussein, Moulana Abbas is the core purpose of KUN safar. The walk is a great experience (hours of just schedules, no distractions, no time limits..that leaves us with a lot of time to think about everybody and everything! Gives us a lot of time to think beyond our own little world..think about others well being..think about how we can be more useful to us a lot of time to restructure our thoughts in a positive us a lot of time to ourselves..probably, that's why I love the morning/evening walks(alone:)), because I get time to restructure and develop my thoughts and me space before a reaction(it truly helps:))..


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