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~Bath Products~

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Pamper yourself with different beauty products of Soaps & Scrubs. 
Gift your loved ones this Ramadan or any other Occassion of Celebrations etc. 

So what are you waiting for Indulge yourself in these sweetness!!


Know Your Skin Type

• If your skin feels tight and sometimes also itchy then you probably have a dry skin. Dry skin at its worst, can also be flaky and wrinkled.

• If your skin feels oily to the touch and is prone to blackheads, acnes and ****les then chances are you have an oily skin.

• Combination skin is, as the name suggests a blend of oily skin and dry skin. Normally, the T-zone, namely the forehead, nose and chin are oily while the rest of the face is dry.

• Normal skin is rare to find. It is the perfect skin and everybody's dream. It has a fine texture without any open pores.

• If your skin is prone to redness and allergies and is sensitive to external factors then you have a sensitive skin.

• Avoid contact with detergents as far as possible.

• Do not use soaps to clean your skin.

• Use a cleansing cream or milk to clean your face.

• Do not rub your skin rigorously. Be gentle on your skin especially on areas like your lips and eyes.

• Splash water on your face, whenever you get the opportunity.

• Use oil based lotions to nourish your skin.

• Instead of ordinary make-up removers, pour a little oil in a cotton pad and use that. However, you can also use oil based make-up removers to remove any make-up.

• Do not use any toner since this will stretch the skin further.

• A moisturizer is a must. Use a lanolin based moisturizer to help retain your skin's natural moisture content.

• Use a night cream before going to sleep.

• Stay away from direct exposure to sun and wind as far as practicable. Use a sunscreen before venturing out in the sun. Protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Skin Care Secrets for Oily Skin

• It is best not to use soap for cleaning your face. Use a gentle facial wash instead.

• For cleaning your body, use scrubs.

• Facial scrubs can effectively clean off the dirt.

• Use astringents to refresh your skin after a wash.

• Do not use moisturizers that contain lanolin. Preferably, use light watery moisturizers. Massage the moisturizer lightly into your skin, wait for a few minutes to let your skin absorb the moisture and then dab lightly with a tissue paper to take off the excess moisture.

• Use face masks to tighten your skin muscles and improve blood circulation.

• Do not use soap, use scrubs and cleansers instead

• Use an oil-based eye makeup remover to remove make up from your eyes and clean the area around your eyes.

• Use a cream cleanser once a day, concentrating on dry areas.

• Use a stronger astringent to tone the oily areas and a mild one for the dry areas.

• Use a lanolin or oil based moisturizer.

• Use sunscreen before going out in the sun.

• Use cleansers and scrubs instead of soap.

• Remove all makeup before going to bed.

• Don't rub your skin after a wash, instead pat it dry.

• Use a toner after washing.

• Use a moisturizer daily after a wash and before going to bed.


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