Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ramadan Eye Candy

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In Dubai and other Arabic countries the atmosphere of Ramadan is
Vibrant and full of happiness. 
The Malls are my favorite for promoting Ramadan in a creative way.
Their window displays are super-chic and intricately arranged with layers of Arabian-themed items glistening more stunningly giving joy to watch.
With the lovely stars and moon, this place glows and the decor shines bring vibrant atmosphere.  How I love these sights.

For those that may not know… cultural symbols for Ramadan include lanterns (fanouz), calligraphy, dates, and arabesque motifs. (More religious symbols are the Quran and the masjeed.)
Below are photos taken in Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Ramadan decorations? Yes, I realize mall decorations are materialistic, capitalistic, consumeristic, all of the above.  I don’t care.

And my favorite is … Harvey Nichols. Every year this shop has a creative Ramadan themed display in each of their windows. These last three photos are from Harvey Nichols…. 


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