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This year the word on the street for the hottest cosmetic looks is going to be the ones that have soft shimmer and a look of innocence.

Soft, pale and delicate are the buzz words. The look to be achieved is feminine yet mystical. Sounds like fun to try anyway! I love testing out all the new SOFT shades as the cosmetic companies all start ramping up their new colors and products.

Strawberry Shower Gel - top ten favorite among the products!!

Whilst walking through the supermarket jam aisle for strawberry seedless jam, one of our employees wondered ‘what happens to the strawberry seeds?’ Further investigation revealed that they were just thrown away.
We found that these seeds can be squeezed to extract the fabulously fruity oil that smells divine and is so good for the skin. We now take the unwanted seeds away from producers of strawberry jam and use them in our Strawberry range. This is another great example of recycling from The Body Shop!! Isn't it great?


Bright colors, dark shades, and anything metallic or iridescent are too heavy for thinning lips. Instead, choose a neutral rose shade. And consider switching from a lipstick to a sheer gloss—it will give you more fullness.

Some of the cosmetic products which are the hot favourites of mine.

Nail Polish

Store your nail polish in the cool place to maintain its smooth consistency.  Although all nail colors are fun to use, try complementary colors for your skin for the days you don’t know what to use.  Nowdays the vibrant colors with lots of designs of adornments on nails are in with the younger generations.
What nail color compliments your skin tone?
Pale/Ivory Skin: pinks and berriesBronze/Olive Skin: orange and red shades, peach, brown with yellow undertoneMedium Skin: very versatile in color choices, but burgundy are most complementaryDark Skin: Deep corals, purples and strong reds.


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